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Our Story

The following true story inspired the idea of the BAST STORE

It began when I saw a beautiful black cat in front of my building. She appeared well taken care of and wore a collar. I assumed she belonged to a neighbor. While many are afraid of black cats, I absolutely adore them. I briefly played with her then left.

Over the next few days I saw her lingering in the same place, now looking tired and hungry. I feared she was lost or abandoned. I took her for a vet examination and brought her home. I purchased supplies and nursed her, and she became a happy cat again. I searched for the owner for days without success.

At the time I frequently traveled and was away from home for extended periods of time and was unable to spend quality time holding her. My neighbor suggested that I adopt that cat and now she lives in my neighborhood and I see her in my spare time.

My quest for gifts for this sweet cat and its owner inspired the creation of this online store. Being familiar with Egyptian mythology, I selected BAST for the store’s name. Bast, or Bastet, was a goddess of ancient Egyptian religion and worshiped as early as the Second Dynasty (2890 BCE). During the Twenty-second Dynasty (c. 945-715 BC) Bast had transformed from a lioness warrior deity into a major protector deity represented as a cat.

BAST STORE. For YOU & for your CAT!