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Unleash endless rounds of entertainment by introducing our quality cat toys to your pet. Cats are instinctive hunters, and playtime is a vital activity for cats that encourages mental stimulation and inspires physical exercise. From interactive toys to balls, mice, laser pointers, teasers and more, having just one of our toys is never enough! Shop these alluring cat toys and add invigorating fun to kitty playtime.


RM37.49 MYR

Cat spend boring time at home lonely, high-quality playing toy can help with that, at the same time protect cat health. Toys can avoid the cat from scratching furniture and floors, exercise cats paw, promote growth healthy for your cat. Features Material: Plastic, Steel Wire Weight: 40g Flower Diameter: Approx. 8cm/3.14'' Flower Height: Approx.5cm/1.96'' Wire Length: Approx.21cm/8.26'' Butterfly Width: Approx....