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Cats win best in class when it comes to grooming by licking themselves clean. Whether your cuddly kitty is a short or long-haired breed, give it a hand using our high-quality cat grooming tools. From de-shedding gloves and brushes, equip yourself with our proper cat grooming tools and watch shed cat hair virtually vanish, making your home a cleaner, more inviting space.


RM19.74 MYR

Make shedding a thing of the past and say farewell to fur tufts collecting on furniture and in the corners with this handy de-shedding brush. This tool is designed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb. It works effectively for all shading breeds of dogs and cats. It can handle both long-haired and short-haired pets. And your lovely friends...

RM39.49 MYR

Safely primp your cat using this ergonomic shaped grooming rake that gently cuts through mats to reveal cuddly soft fur. Removes falling hair, dirt, and prevents hair knotting.  To make hair more healthy and beautiful. Innovative round design, no damage to the animals. Handle made of a rubber material, comfortable to hold. Features Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic And Rubber Handle Number...

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RM35.49 MYR

Keep you cuddly pal looking its furry best using this low-maintenance bushing glove engineered to safely and gently remove your cat’s loose hair. Features Material: Plastic, Polyester Color: Grey

RM5.49 MYR

The easy way to remove hair and fur from your clothes, furniture, and fabrics. The extra-large, double-sided, self-cleaning lint brush tackles the impossible task of removing unwanted pet fur, lint, and hair from your clothes and fabric surfaces. It captures fur and lint in 2x the time of a single-sided lint brush. There are no refills, no tape, and no messes....